Do No Harm: FCC Must Preserve and Encourage Investment in Broadband

The Hill By Invest in Broadband for America

Do you enjoy the technology that allows you to use your phone to instantly send a photo of the kids to relatives in Sioux Falls? Do you look forward to spending a relaxing weekend at home binging on your favorite Netflix series?

We’re the companies that help make that possible. We build the facilities that link cell towers and countless miles of fiber. We are pioneers in broadband internet services, connecting countless homes and businesses to gigabit fiber that allows consumers to surf the internet at the highest speeds available. We provide access to the networks of fiber infrastructure that make those services possible and keep your life a little more connected. It’s what the FCC has historically called “special access,” or often referred to today as “business data services” or “business broadband services.”

Whatever you call it, companies like ours provide the fiber infrastructure to competitors for the telecommunications services – cable, internet, phone – that you know so well. Our hardwired facilities are even what ultimately allow you to send and receive texts and emails on your cellphone.

Competition is good. We welcome the challenge and believe consumers have benefited and should continue to do so. Unfortunately, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is proposing to turn that competition on its head by initiating new regulations on business data services, wrenching hundreds of millions of dollars out of the marketplace that could otherwise be used for new investment.

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investinbbandDo No Harm: FCC Must Preserve and Encourage Investment in Broadband