TechNet Letter to FCC

Excerpt from a letter sent by Linda Moore, President & CEO of TechNet, to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler:

On behalf of TechNet, the nation’s preeminent, bipartisan network of innovation economy CEOs and senior executives, I am writing to comment on the Federal Communication Commission’s proposal (FCC 16-54) regarding new regulatory obligations on providers of Business Data Services (BDS).

With the rapid evolution of technologies, rising consumer and commercial demand for data, and the dawn of the “Internet of Things,” fast and reliable broadband is no longer a luxury for businesses – it is a necessity. That is why TechNet is a strong advocate for telecommunications policy and regulation that promotes continued private investment in broadband networks.

There is a tremendous need for continued investment in broadband to reach commercial locations, including office buildings, anchor institutions, and wireless cell sites, to meet the ever-increasing demand for data in every commercial setting, including businesses, hospitals, libraries, or educational institutions. A wide range of entities relies on BDS to access the Internet and to enable reliable and secure communications among locations. As demand for BDS has soared in recent years, so too has investment in these services, as incumbent providers work to upgrade their networks and competitive new entrants expand their facilities into new areas.

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