Utah State Commission Asks FCC to Review the Data

Excerpt from a letter sent by Thad LeVar, Chair of the Public Service Commission of Utah, to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler:

The Public Service Commission of Utah shares the FCC’s commitment to improving telecommunications access in rural America and promoting competitive markets. We write to emphasize that any final rule adopted in the Commission’s Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on business data services should be based on complete and accurate industry data.

We understand that data initially provided to the FCC by some providers was incomplete in that it failed to identify all locations where special access is currently available. We also understand that the providers have corrected that oversight, and that the FCC now has accurate data as to the existing infrastructure. We urge the FCC to accept into the record the complete data and to use that data in formulating a final rule. Doing so will ensure that competitive markets are accurately reflected and that regulations for noncompetitive markets are based on the real cost of providing service.

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investinbbandUtah State Commission Asks FCC to Review the Data