CenturyLink: Verizon Engaging in ‘Double Talk’ on Special Access Competition

Channel Partners By Edward Gately

CenturyLink says Verizon is engaging in “double talk” while proposing expanded price caps on the business data services (BDS) or “special access” market.

In a letter this week to the Federal Communications Commission, CenturyLink said Verizon made the proposal because of a “supposed lack of competition in this market.”

Last month, Verizon and Incompas submitted a proposal that includes price reductions and a competitive market test for the FCC to consider as it analyzes the BDS market. CenturyLink is asking the FCC to reject the Verizon/Incompas proposal.

CenturyLink points out a whitepaper submitted by Verizon in a separate FCC case regarding Verizon’s pending $1.8 billion purchase of XO Communications’ fiber-optic network business. In the whitepaper, Verizon stated that after the acquisition is completed, “there will continue to be extensive competition for [BDS] provided over fiber, cable, and copper by a wide range of providers.”

“Verizon is disingenuous in playing both sides of an issue to its advantage in two different FCC matters,” said John Jones, ‎CenturyLink’s senior vice president of public policy and government relations. “Verizon can’t have it both ways — arguing that the level of competition is robust when it suits its purposes, then making the exact opposite argument to seek out a government-mandated discount on the rates it pays.”

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