Morgan Lewis Competitive Fiber Providers Notice of FCC Ex Parte Meetings

Excerpt from a letter sent by Eric J. Branfman and Joshua M. Bobeck of Morgan Lewis to FCC Secretary Marlene Dortch:

On September 13, 2016, representatives of Lightower Fiber Networks I, LLC (“Lightower”), Lumos Networks Corp. (“Lumos”) and Unite Private Networks, LLC (“UPN”) (collectively, the “Competitive Fiber Providers”), along with Joshua M. Bobeck and the undersigned of Morgan Lewis, held separate meetings with (1) Commissioner Michael O’Rielly and Amy Bender, Legal Advisor; (2) Travis Litman, Legal Advisor to Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, (3) Nicholas Degani, Legal Advisor to Commissioner Ajit Pai; (4) Claude Aiken, Legal Advisor to Commissioner Mignon Clyburn and (5) Ambassador Philip Verveer, Senior Counsel to Chairman Tom Wheeler. The Competitive Fiber Provider representatives that participated in each of these meetings were Rob Shanahan, President & Chief Executive Officer, Eric Sandman, Chief Financial Officer, and David Mayer, Executive Vice President & General Counsel of Lightower, Timothy Biltz, President & CEO of Lumos and Jason Adkins, President of UPN.

The representatives of the Competitive Fiber Providers discussed the proposals in the record that could subject CFPs’ prices to regulation through application of benchmarks based on the ILEC’s costs and prices and how that would harm CFPs and their efforts to build new fiber networks, including build outs for mobile wireless networks, enterprise customers and community institutions such as schools and healthcare networks.

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