CenturyLink’s Latest BDS Complaint: Unrealistic Pricing Deadlines

FierceTelecom By Sean Buckley

CenturyLink says that if the FCC’s proposed business data services (BDS) proposal goes into effect, it and other wireline telcos will need more time to realign back office operations to support the new changes.

At issue is a call made by CLECs urging the FCC to put its proposed new pricing structure into effect in January 2017.

That’s not enough time, the incumbent telco said. In order to prepare for this change, CenturyLink said it will have to “update and reconfigure systems used for pre-order, order, provisioning, billing, compliance and reporting” while existing tariffs would have to be modified and rewritten.

“This effort will take much longer than two months to accomplish,” CenturyLink said in an FCC filing (PDF).

CenturyLink reiterated its concerns that the FCC’s proposal to implement an 11 percent price cap over three years could inhibit the telco’s efforts to expand business services to its customer base, particularly in smaller cities and towns.

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investinbbandCenturyLink’s Latest BDS Complaint: Unrealistic Pricing Deadlines