FCC’s Wheeler Gets Pushback on Continued Agenda Push

Broadcasting & Cable By John Eggerton

As the FCC prepares to vote on its business data services (BDS) revamp proposal, which has drawn pushback from Hill Republicans as well as cable ISPs, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler is getting some pushback himself for not ramping down his regulatory agenda in the face of the recent election.

The chairman of the House Communications Subcommittee, Greg Walden (R-Ore.), who could be the chairman of the full committee after new assignments are voted on in the next couple of weeks, told Politico that the FCC needs to cool its jets. “The notion of instituting new rules and regulations, cramming stuff out the door, is unnecessary, unwanted and unfair – and needs to cease and desist,” Walden told the Hill news outlet.

In a blog post on Forbes, Fred Campbell, director of TechKnowledge and no fan of Wheeler’s regulatory agenda, said “rather than focus on a smooth transition, Wheeler intends to keep pushing his partisan agenda to futility and beyond,” citing the BDS vote among other things.

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investinbbandFCC’s Wheeler Gets Pushback on Continued Agenda Push