Sen. Thune Asks FCC’s Wheeler to Avoid Controversial Votes

Multichannel News By John Eggerton

There is a new sheriff in town, or will be soon, and Hill Republicans are echoing their Democratic counterparts from eight years ago that the FCC should not vote any controversial items between now and Inauguration Day (Jan. 20), when Republican Donald Trump takes the oath of office.

The FCC has now heard from both sides of the Hill, at least Republicans on both sides, that it should focus on wrapping up current project, with consensus support, rather than vote any new controversial regulatory proposals – among the most prominent of the latter are business data services (BDS) revamps–scheduled for a vote Nov. 17–and a set-top box “unlocking” proposal that is currently on circulation but has shown no signs of being voted as yet.

Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), chair of the Senate Commerce Committee, Tuesday (Nov. 15) wrote fCC Chairman Tom Wheeler to send that message. He did not suggest canceling the Nov. 17 public meeting and even said there were some items the FCC could deal with. He didn’t say which those were, though he did say “consensus items,” which would exclude the BDS item, which is opposed by the Republican commissioners.

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investinbbandSen. Thune Asks FCC’s Wheeler to Avoid Controversial Votes