U.S. House Energy & Commerce Committee Letter to FCC

Excerpt from a letter sent by Representative Fred Upton, U.S. House Energy & Commerce Committee Chairman, and Greg Walden, Communications & Technology Subcommittee Chairman, to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler:

We are writing to express our concern about Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decisions during the presidential transition.

The most important challenge for the Commission over the next ten weeks is to ensure a successful broadcast incentive auction. The successful completion of the auction will provide needed spectrum to meet Americans wireless broadband needs and ensure that Americans continue to enjoy the local news and national programming broadcasters provide. As Rep. Henry Waxman and Senator Jay Rockefeller noted during the 2008 Presidential transition, it would be counterproductive for the FCC to consider complex and controversial items that the new Congress and new Administration will have an interest in reviewing.

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investinbbandU.S. House Energy & Commerce Committee Letter to FCC